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Remarks from General Manager

Thanks for choosing C-Bridge as your reliable international business partner!

Officially established in 2008, C-Bridge International started with supplying consumables, chemicals and various products used in coal mining production and development in Australia. Thanks to the know-how of various international industrial standards and technical specifications, as well as different import and export procedures across boundaries, C-Bridge is now exploring new business potentials: on one hand, we are expanding our products' application from coal mining, to other mining sectors, and to more industrial markets like construction; on the other hand, the one-stop solution we provide covers not only the products, but the whole supply chain operation.

Focusing on the industrial solutions, C-Bridge is growing to a reliable supply chain operator and mananger.

If you are a C-Bridge client, you are not worried about matching standards and technical specifications between the countries; you are not puzzled by international logistics, because our operations team has direct cooperations with renowned shipping giants, including Maersk; you are not concerned with cross-border contract execution and management, because we set up a comprehensive flow-chart contract execution system covering quality controls, progress reporting and advance planning etc. Thus, starting from products confirmation to the final successful application, C-Bridge provides our clients reliable, transparent, and trustworthy one-stop supply chain solutions.

Perfection is our pursuit. Persistance is our religion. We will continue to work with our partners and customers in the future to remove more barriers on the supply chain and get real vaule-for-money products.

Look forward to working with you!