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Our Mission

C-Bridge — Your Trust-worthy International Business Partner

Established in 2008, C-Bridge started with supplying consumables, chemicals and tailor-made fabricated products to Australian coal mining companies. With a few years' development, C-Bridge is expanding its products to more application areas and other industries like construction and shipping. 

A premium contract management is our mission. Our teams are working together to executive contracts efficiently. Our technical division guarantees the best value-for-money products based on customer reqirements or various standards. Our Operation Division manages the whole supply chain, from each technical detail to the optimum logistics, ensuring products are intact, while a timely and economical logistics plan is well organized. Our Marketing devision takes care of all accounts, and better liason with our customers

A C-Bridge customer has a C-Bridge tailor-made online account so tracking contracts and purchase orders is 24/7. Our customer service team is fully connected throughout the contract execution.

Welcome onboard with MY C-BRIDGE!

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