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Time:2015-02-27  Source:C-Bridge  Hit:3026

C-Bridge — Your Trust-worthy International Business Partner

With a vision to bridge China with the world, C-Bridge is delivering the best solutions for international businesses. We export qualified products from China, import and market the world's premium products to China.

Our technical division guarantees the best value-for-money products based on customer reqirements or various standards. Our Operation Division manages the whole supply chain, from each technical detail for production, products' quality assurance to the optimum logistics, ensuring products are intact, a timely and economical sea or air freight is executed. Our Marketing devision facilitates our customers to penetrate into the Chinese market, achieve comsumers' recognition while maintain a good public relation.

Becoming a C-Bridge customer means you will have a C-Bridge tailor-made online account so tracking business progress is 24/7. Our customer service team is also connected during business hours for any inquiries.

To know more about C-Bridge, our business and divisions, please click the following: